Social centre and PMI

Courcouronnes - France

Date: 2012

Client: Ville de Courcouronnes

Net area: 1700 m² SHON

Cost: 2.9 M€ HT

Mission: invited competition entry

Competition entry for the new Brel-Brassens Social Centre located on the central market square in the suburban Paris town of Courcouronnes. The diverse elements of the program - infant protection centre, multi-function meeting hall, classrooms, offices, workshops, play areas, interview rooms, and a large dance studio - are nested together behind a taut skin of brushed aluminium and glazed panels which register both its immediate physical context as well as the changing qualities of ambient light on its smooth, lustrous surface.  Internal courtyards and patios are clad in rough-cut oiled wood panels. Roof terrasses are planted with grasses and wildflowers.  Sustainability guidelines were respected.