Cultural centre and media library

Chambly France

Date: 2016

Client: Ville de Chambly

Net area: 2431 m² SHON

Cost: 4.87 M€ HT

Mission: Invited competition entry

The longitudinal organisation of the proposed cultural centre and its accompanying urban landscape project act to « re-stitch » the centrally located Charles de Gaulle Square to a disparate collection of existing public facilities – primary school, gymnasium, and nearby parking facilities. The three principal components of the cultural centre – media library and multi-function auditorium on the ground floor, and associative spaces (dance studios, music rehearsal space, meeting rooms) on the upper floor, are grouped around a central, sky-lit atrium and entry hall. The external cladding, made of curved, perforated and anodized metal panels, allows sunlight to be filtered on exposed façades and give an optical effect to its diaphanous, undulating skin.