Office building

Paris - France

Date: 2006

Client: Munich Ergo Asset Management

Net area: 2520 m² SHON

Cost: 3.25 M€ HT

Mission: design, construction supervision

The refurbishment of a seven-storey office building located in central Paris. The brief called for the rethinking of entry and circulation spaces, including the floor plates and parking in the building (c.1975), as well as the renovation of exterior façades. In order to overcome the lack of sufficient lighting resulting from the building’s orientation and site depth, the entry hall was conceived as a diaphanous cavity of subtle but constantly changing light conditions. Its walls and ceiling are composed of translucent glass panels, backlit with a complex network of dimmable fluorescent tubes of varying shapes and colour temperatures, connected via computer and capable, like the sky, of producing lighting «situations» of varying intensity and length. The floor is a polished stone slab.